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Hiking Teide with Cable Car

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Hiking Teide with Cable Car



Ascent to Teide Peak

Join this unique adventure and reach the peak of the highest mountain in Spain. In addition, thanks to the special permit from the park, you will be able to visit the volcano’s crater from which you will see breathtaking vistas. Without a doubt, an experience dedicated to hiking enthusiasts. A mix of adrenaline, individual achievement, physical and psychological control, living nature…

Teide Cable Car

Visiting Teide Peak using the Cable Car allows you to view the spectacular landscape of the largest national park in the Canary Islands.

The lower station of the Cable Car can be reached by highway and is located at an altitude of 2,356 m; this modern cable car has two passenger cabins with a carrying capacity of 44 people, that can reach the summit in 8 minutes. The vistas from the lower station include the spectacular summits surrounding the Teide volcano.

The upper station is located at an altitude of 3,555 m and is the starting point:

Teide Crater Route (Telesforo Bravo, #10), which will take you to the tallest summit in Spain, where you can enjoy one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. On clear days it is possible to see from the summit the profile of the nearby islands, such as La Gomera, El Hierro, La Palma and Gran Canaria. The hike last for approximately one hour.




● If the cable car is cancelled on the same day of the excursion for reasons beyond our control, such as bad weather or repairs to the cable car, the alternative excursion will be carried out and the cost of the excursion will not be refunded.

● Consult for children under the age of 6

● Wear warm clothing and proper footwear.
● Protect yourself from sunstroke.
● Due to the elevated luminosity, wear sunglasses.
● Take plenty of water on hikes.
● People with health problems should consult with their doctors before undertaking this hike.

Meeting point:

We will pick you up from your hotel at the time agreed upon when you reserve the activity. If your hotel is not on the list we will call you to set up a pick up.

If there is no pick up the meeting time and place will be at 9.15AM in the ticket booth of the Cable Car station.


● Reach the tallest peak in Spain (3,718 m)
● Special permit from the national park to visit the crater
● Spectacular vistas of the national park and the neighbouring islands
● Ascent and descent by Cable Car

● Special permit from the national park to visit the crater
● A Guide
● Transportation
● Pick ups from the northern and southern parts of the island

● Cable Car ticket (€27.00)


Hiking Teide with Cable Car


Hiking some of the more than 30 trails on Teide is an absolute must for anyone who loves nature.

The great variety and levels of difficulty make it easy for visitors to choose their ideal route.

The trails with the most spectacular vistas are on the summit of Mount Teide and they can be reached on foot or by taking a comfortable ride in the cable car. Without a doubt the most popular trail is the one leading to the volcano’s peak, but there are limits on how many people can visit that area of Teide.

We will provide official guides that will prepare you for the hike and accompany you along the route to explain the spectacular landscape.

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