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MULTIADVENTURE – Spy in Tenerife

MULTIADVENTURE - Don´t you dare?

Multi-sensory experience with specials elements (costumes, design, gadgets, special effects, graphic design, exotic locations and accessories. The client will be a secret agent with a secret mission. Participants will be advised in the style of clothing, aesthetics and performance during missions.

In Multiadventure Tenerife we combine the element of surprise, challenges, mystery, achievement of objectives and development skills, not only in terms of leisure activities are concerned, but also in terms of activation of personal skills as the effort, perseverance, teamwork and problem-solving ability.

For each activity there are missions to fulfill aspects of intrigue, mystery, in which the customer must use skills and ingenuity to solve them. Design details and gadgets will experience a greater reality. Each mission is scored if fulfilled and there are extra points if they get specific challenges within each mission.

At the request of the customer, we adapt the mission for everyone.

Will focus to the achievement of the mission and their desires and abilities, no driving license or diving, or some activity that is not considered optimum for your profile.




There is a plan to awake the Teide by a new generation weapon. Activation of explosives and devices in different locations at the island would cause a chain reaction and destroy the Island.

One should acknowledge the area by helicopter, then visit them personally. You will find a map showing the possible locations will provide our agent.

There is a potential detonation place where you can only get paragliding; To do it, your accomplice, who will accompany you on the flight, will be responsible for land as close as possible to the location of the device so you can desactivate.


Part of the mission is carried out at sea. The captain of the boat will be positioned over the area estimated as a possible point of detonation.

There is a suspicion that a charge is detonated in the depths of the sea. To do this, you will find diving equipment on the boat.

You have to show your skills in a game table with other rivals, so it must be suspicious and be aware of the possible pitfalls to prove you’re a real secret agent.

Driving a car-motorcycle high-end to enjoy the sights of the island of Tenerife, always complying with the map assigned time and travel.


Limited and Exclusive Edition.


The final budget will be influenced by the choice and combination of the missions.

The rate of € 2,200 per person and includes excursions, transfers, equipment, video and photos.

Each mission is personalized. A minimum of 4 days is required to coordinate activities.

Participation on selection and only 20 editions were held in Tenerife.